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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mobile is like an act that of a magician. The miracle that mobiles have made to happen is really mind boggling one. We can find everything on mobiles and this has put world knowledge in a mobile box.”

Today hardly any corner of our life is left unaffected and untouched by cell phones. We can easily find cell phones assisting human lives in schools, banks, shops, hospitals, restaurants, post offices, government offices, railway or bus stations, travel companies and all such utility service departments. Mobile phones are a wonderful invention of technology which has affected our lives both in a positive and negative manner as each issue has its own pros and cons. For the last two decades, the world seems to have undergone a mobile revolution. “Necessity is the mother of invention” the saying holds true for cell phones. Cell phones today have shrunk the whole world into a single box. It has broken all d barriers of communicating with each other. Now a person can talk to even the last person on the earth with the help of this instrument, which means that mobile has brought us so closer which we had never expected. One would have never imagined that a day will come when all problems and their solutions would be available on our fingertips. All business meetings, political issues could be arranged sitting at home. But apart from all these there are a few areas which need immediate attention of the parents and the government as well. Cell phones are turning the youth generation to handicapped in a way if seen fairly. One can easily find a 10 or 12 year boy or a girl handling a cell phone with all facilities such as 3G, face recognition soft wares and the latest technological developments. As such they are aware of the technologies also. Today cell phones provide access to internet also and as such youths can be seen wasting their time and money in watching porn sites and chatting online. In a way if we see, we will find that cell phones are leading to cultural degradation of the present generation. The easy availability of cell phones has lead to many problems. Satellite phones are being used by terrorist organizations to aid their activities. Apart from this, one of the most important problems which mobile phones have lead to is the wastage of personal time. It seems that that the word privacy has lost its meaning because of the unwanted calls from banking and insurance companies. However as I earlier said that that every issue has its own pros and cons and mobile phones are no exception. It is difficult to imagine our life today with the absence of mobile phones as they assist us in every walks of life. From shopping to booking a ticket online, knowing about the weather in London while sitting in Allahabad everything is now available on a single phone only. Hence it is difficult to say whether mobile phones have affected our living styles more in a positive or a negative manner but one thing is for sure -
If we keep on using mobile phones with the same pace, a time may come when we become slave to it.

Pragya Mishra
University of Allahabad